About GrumpyLinux GrumpyLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution, designed to be very small and fast while retaining nice features like a graphical login screen (GDM), a modern desktop environment (XFCE 4.4.2), and a quality web browser (Firefox 3).
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News March 1, 2009: Ok, GrumpyLinux is ready to be installed again. February 13, 2009: Some hackers deleted a bunch of stuff, and I'm still trying to restore it. Don't download GrumpyLinux until further notice; sorry for any inconvenience. July 5, 2008: GrumpyLinux version 0.2.1 is finished. This version has a few minor improvements and bug fixes. It can be downloaded from the download page. June 27, 2008: GrumpyLinux version 0.2 is done, and it is very fast and cool. A simple installer has been created, and can be downloaded from the download page. August 30, 2007: GrumpyLinux version 0.1 is complete! This version has no installer, and is almost exactly the same as LFS version 6.2.
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