About GrumpyLinux GrumpyLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution, designed to be very small and fast while retaining nice features like a graphical login screen (GDM), a modern desktop environment (XFCE 4.4.2), and a quality web browser (Firefox 3). GrumpyLinux version 0.2 has a simple installer (although still not its own CD), a package installer, and a cool package management system - each package gets its own directory. GrumpyLinux boots faster than any other distribution I have used, which is cool. GrumpyLinux also includes the Xfmedia audio/video player, the GNU Image Manipluation Program (GIMP), and the AbiWord word processor. The default homepage of Firefox when GrumpyLinux is first installed is Craterfish. System requirements: 128mb of memory and 4gb of hard drive space. See a list of all packages installed in GrumpyLinux 0.2.1
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