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Download the GrumpyLinux installer, the Grumpifier, version 0.2.1. This installer only runs from an existing GNU/Linux distribution! This could be a LiveCD or a full distribution. GrumpyLinux 0.3 will come with its own LiveCD.
WARNING: GrumpyLinux is still in the early stages of development. The installer may fail. Do not be afaid to modify the installer for your computer; it's just a few bash scripts.
ANOTHER WARNING: GrumpyLinux will currently only work on x86 computers.
YET ANOTHER WARNING: The installer takes a *long* time to finish.

Other Downloads:
Download GRAI, or Grumpily Retrieve And Install. GRAI is the package installer for GrumpyLinux. GRAI installs each package in its own directory by default.
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